The 21st Century Educator

I thought I would write a response to the blog post The Making of a 21st-Century Teacher by Greg Limperis.  If you are not familiar with Greg he is definitely somebody you should add to your PLN.  Follow him @greglimperis or @techintegined.  You can also become a member of the Technology Integration in Education ning that he created.

Greg’s blog does a great job of describing the role of a 21st century teacher.  Near the end of the post he talks about the 21 century teacher’s responsibility to share and encourage other educators to take part in innovative education.  I believe it is too easy to shut are classroom doors and live in our own little world.  I know there are many teachers in my district that would like to implement technology but just don’t know how.

Earlier this summer I was participating in a grad workshop at my district through Millersville University.  It became very apparent that their were teachers in the work shop that would like to incorporate more technology and that they were overly frustrated at the lack of training provided by the district.

In an effort to relieve some of this frustration I have been working on a Wiki that covers many of the tools our district has to offer.  My hope is that it will provide a place for teachers to get help incorporating technology into the classroom as well as a place to share and communication about how teachers are incorporating innovative strategies.  You can find what I have been working on here:

Update:  Since I posted this yesterday I have been in touch with our district tech leader.  He liked the site but suggested I move it to google sites so our teachers would not have to make a new account and to consolidate our resources.  I was initially against this move as I like the discussion capabilities of wikispaces, not to mention the fact that it is easy to control administrative responsibilities.  Regardless, I started playing with sites and am actually pretty impressed with the results.  I still think the discussion capabilities are lacking, but their are other positives.  Check them both out and let me know what you think.  The following is the new sites temporary address:

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